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How to get to Karimunjawa Islands?

Pack your bags and hop into the flight to Semarang, the capital city of Central Java Province.

Once you step your feet on the soil of the province where famous, laid-back and exotic culture of Javanese vividly lives, book yourself a flight ticket to Karimunjawa Islands. There is daily to and from Karimunjawa Islands from Ahmad Yani International Airport in Semarang. Once you land, you will be arriving in Dewadaru Airport which located in Kemujan, the second biggest island in the Karimunjawa Islands which can be said to have united into Karimunjawa, only separated by small river. Distance from this airport to Java Paradise Resort is around 20 kilometer which takes about 30-minute car ride.

The secondary and more adventurous option is to take boat ride. You may choose to hop the boat from Tanjung Mas Harbour in Semarang which take around 3-hour sail, or from Kartini Harbour in Jepara. There are two types of boat that will take you to the islands from Jepara’s Kartini Harbor, the fast boat sails about 2-hour ride and the slower (ferry) boat sails about 5-hour ride.

Sunset View in Absolute Beachfront

Java Paradise Resort is best-known for its perfect sunsets, breathtaking views over Menjangan Besar Island, and the harbor of Karimunjawa. The resort is close enough to island’s harbor and Alun-Alun Karimunjawa as the central of food galore for an impromptu night out and dinner, but remains secluded enough to satisfy the more sophisticated holiday maker who seeks repose and a connection with nature.

Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa is an archipelago of 27 islands off the coast of Central Java. It is a popular destination for savvy travelers looking for a remote island and beautiful beaches experiences. Central Java Province boasts the archipelago for having its very own white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Island hopping in Karimunjawa Islands gives the sense of adventure to the travelers.

Karimunjawa Sea

The sea of Karimunjawa Islands is known as one of best diving and snorkeling sites in Indonesia. Get stunned by underwater view of Karimunjawa.

Karimunjawa Square

Alun-Alun Karimunjawa is one fun place for an evening stroll, from food galore to souvenir and art shops are available here. It is a circle-shaped field of fresh grass. Rejoicing the bright starry night and the smell of fresh grass while enjoying dinner is one of unforgettable experiences you can get in Karimunjawa.

Ujung Gelam Beach

Ujung Gelam Beach is white-sandy beach with quiet waves and known as one of the best spots to enjoy the alluring sunset. Get amazed by the atmosphere while enjoy drinking water of fresh-picked coconuts sold at stalls around the beach.

Love Hill

Bukit Love is only within 20-minute reach from Java Paradise Resort. Travelers can see all parts of Karimunjawa from this famous spot; the beaches to offshore. The clear weather allows traveler to aim some remarkable charms and panoramas shots as the landscape is a true stunning sight.

Joko Tuwo Hill

Facing to the town center of Karimunjawa, Bukit Joko Tuwo allows traveler to view the activities around the seashore as well as beautiful sunset. This place was named after a folklore of 3-meter length fish bound in the island, whose skeletons are well-kept in Bukit Joko Tuwo. More than just breathtaking view and the skeletons of giant fish, travelers can see a giant prayer wheel and enjoy both mount trekking and hiking.

Mangrove Forest

Most of the mangroves in the Karimunjawa Islands lie between Karimun and Kemujan islands. In fact the two islands are connected by the mangrove forest. The mangrove forests protects the shore, accelerates the formation of new territories, protects against the waves and sea currents. Also the mangroves are the habitat for shrimps, crabs and hundreds of other species. Stroll around the mangrove forest and get stunned by the hidden life in it.