Welcome to Java Paradise Resort - Karimunjawa Islands

Java Paradise Resort is one of the largest and most comprehensive resorts on Karimunjawa Island. The Karimunjawa Archipelago is a group of 27 islands located in the Java Sea, about 80 kilometers northwest of Jepara. The name of the island is taken from the Javanese word “kremun-kremun” which means faintly seen (from the island of Java). The Karimunjawa Islands have a total area of ​​78 km2. The main island is Karimunjawa (2,700 hectares), while the second largest is Kemujan (1,400 hectares).

Guests traveling from Semarang can easily reach the Karimunjawa Islands by plane from Ahmad Yani International Airport in Semarang (40 minutes flight).

Java Paradise Resort offers an eclectic atmosphere of authentic Indonesian culture. From the architecture of the Lumbung House which originates from the Sasak Tribe in West Nusa Tenggara to a calm and friendly service, with a touch of modern and perfect facilities. Employees at Java Paradise Resort have received training and are nationally certified in the hospitality sector, especially in terms of service to resort guests.

From the Private Beach Java Paradise Resort area, resort guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Java Paradise Resort has several facilities that are intended for resort guests, including 96 guest rooms with several of them: type 4 Suite Room, 7 Family Room (lumbung style), 7 Executive Room (lumbung style) ), 8 Deluxe Rooms, 64 Superior Rooms and 6 Standard Rooms, Swimming Pool (Semi Olympic), D’java Café, Private Beach, Meeting Room, Room Service and a beautiful garden.