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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, by 10

Karimunjawa is an archipelago in Java Sea, part of Jepara Regency in the province of Central Java. The archipelago has land area of 1,500 hectares and water area around 110,000 hectares. In the year of 1986, Karimunjawa was inaugurated as a marine sanctuary and renamed as Karimunjawa National Park in the year of 1999. The beauty of this national park is favored by local and foreign tourists, and the  quiet and pristine atmosphere makes Karimunjawa National Park become the destination for those who want to have romantic holiday, such as honeymoon.

Karimunjawa delivers many exotic spots you should visit, it also offers several accommodations with enchanting ambience, a perfect place to stay while you’re on your honeymoon. Of of few accommodations in Karimunjawa is Java Paradise Resort which provides international standards of service and facility, and the only accommodation with largest freshwater swimming pool in the islands. Java Paradise Resort offers an eclectic atmosphere of indigenous Indonesian cultures. From the architecture of Rumah Lumbung of Sasak Tribe in West Nusa Tenggara to laid-back and friendly manners of Central Java, with touches of immaculately modern and edgy facilities makes you truly feel the true friendliness of local people blends with the privacy and intimacy you need on your privy moment. Stunning sunsets are seen from the Java Paradise Resort’s white-sandy beachfront area, overlooking to the Karimunjawa Harbour and Menjangan Besar; the island offers beautiful blue water and pristine beach, a picture-perfect scenery to relax, unwind and immerse in the ocean breeze.

Java Paradise Resort is located in Dusun Kapuran, Karimunjawa; the resort is conveniently nestled around 1.5 kilometers for Alun-Alun Karimunjawa, the island central, a  fun place for an evening stroll, from food galore to souvenir and art shops are available here. It is a circle-shaped field of fresh grass. Rejoicing the bright starry night and the smell of fresh grass while enjoying dinner with your spouse  is one of unforgettable experiences you can get in Karimunjawa.

While staying in Karimunjawa, when you don’t feel like staying in your honeymoon suite, you can take stroll to visit some exquisite spots like Ujung Gelam Beach. At this most iconic beach in Karimunjawa, you and your spouse can have another picture-perfect moment, such as holding hands, soaking your feet in the sea-water-moist white sand and witness the picturesque sunset. while enjoy drinking water of fresh-picked coconuts sold at stalls around the beach. This famous beach is only around 5 kilometers from Java Paradise Resort, reached within less than 20 minutes by car or motorbike, as well as riding along the sea lanes using traditional boat.

Bukit Love (Love Hill) is one of favourite destinations too. While sipping freshly brewed coffee in the cafe available at the top of the hills, you both will enjoy the 360-degree view of remarkable charms and panoramas of beaches and offshores of Karimunjawa. This hero spot lies only 3 kilometers away from Java Paradise Resort and reached within less than 20-minute drive by motorbike or car.

Karimunjawa Islands is an archipelago of 27 islands, with 110,000 hectares of water area, it is a scene that you must enjoy privately with your spouse. Rent a traditional boat, go island hopping, take a peep of underwater view by snorkeling and have a lunch in one of the islands with nobody around. It will be just you and your spouse, and the tour guide, of course.

Are you excited? Spend your honeymoon or anniversary holiday in Karimunjawa. The best time to visit the archipelago is from May to September. Take your spouse, and have the most intimate moment in Karimunjawa.